• 國際五星級酒店  |
  • 150-500人  |
  • 2021-12-01

  十年以上工作經驗  大專學歷   招1人  性別:不限
  英語 良好   年齡:35-45



• Based upon menu item sales figures, review the profitability and popularity of dishes upon the menu and make changes where applicable (this function is be carried out in conjunction with the General Manager)
• 在菜單菜目銷售數字的基礎上,檢查菜單上菜目的利潤情況和受歡迎的程度,并在適當時做相應調整(與總經理共同履行此項職責)。

• Participate in the drafting of concept ideas and menus for all special events and functions while encouraging all staff to put forward their ideas and utilising them wherever practical
• 參與為所有特別事件和活動起草的創意想法和菜單的工作,并鼓勵所有員工提出自己的想法并盡量加以利用。

• Supervise the kitchen in the preparation and presentation of all food items in accordance with the hotel’s food and beverage standards and standardised menu guidelines
• 監管廚房工作,按照酒店的餐飲標準和標準化菜單的規定對所有菜目進行制作和裝飾。

• Monitor standards of production to ensure quality
• 監督制作標準以確保質量。

• Supervise all aspects of kitchen cleanliness and co-ordinate the effective utilisation of all kitchen attendant within the effective manning levels, ensuring that all kitchen areas are maintained in a hygienic condition at all times and ensuring adherence to hotel standards
• 監督酒店清潔情況,在人力配置合理水平范圍內協調廚房服務員的利用工作,確保廚房衛生的保持工作達到酒店標準。

• Control of food purchasing levels in liaison with the Stores person
• 與庫管人員一起控制食品采購水平。

• Control the drafting of rosters, ensuring each area is effectively covered and within keeping of the hotel’s annual manning and payroll budgets. These guidelines to be provided by the General Manager
• 管理排班表的起草工作,確保覆蓋所有工作領域,卻不超出酒店的年度人力配置和工資預算。總經理將負責制定指導方針。

• Maintain a sound knowledge of the hotel’s procedures for purchasing of food stocks, the control of purchasing levels and ensuring all necessary measures are in place to maintain budgeted food cost in all areas, while ensuring adequate food stocks and maintaining standards
• 熟知酒店食品存貨的采購,管理采購水平的工作程序,確保采取一切必要手段來控制食品預算成本的各方面,同時確保充足的食品庫存并維持標準。

• Under the direction of the Food and Beverage manager and with the stores department assist and maintain with the continuous monitoring of all aspects pertaining to the control of the hotel’s food cost
• 在餐飲部經理的指導下,與庫存部門一起協助對所有與酒店食品管理相關的各個方面進行持續性的監控。

• Purchase all food items from the hotel’s one supplier list, this supplier list is generated by the Stores person
• 按酒店的供應商名單購買所有食品,該名單由庫存人員提供。

• Be actively involved in the hotel’s Total Quality Management programme, having a sound knowledge and understanding of InterContinental Hotels TQM philosophies, ensuring its effectiveness in the operation of the kitchen, encouraging all staff to play an active role
• 積極參與酒店的完全質量管理活動,熟知并理解洲際酒店集團的完全質量管理理念,確保其在廚房工作中的有效性,鼓勵所有員工發揮積極性。

• Ensure the highest standards of personal presentation, hygiene and conduct in accordance with the hotel standards
• 依照酒店標準,確保個人形象、衛生和行為的最高標準。

• To organize and supervise the training of kitchen staff, motivating all staff to increase skills in food preparation and kitchen management.  Ensure all training given is accurately recorded and that all staff are reviewed and appraised within the necessary time frames as required by the Human Resources Department
• 組織和監督廚房員工的培訓,以增進食品制作和廚房管理的技巧。確保所有培訓均得到準確記錄,并且在必要的時間柜架內按照人力資源部的要求對所有員工進行檢查和考核。

• Have a thorough knowledge of the labour agreement and manage staff and rosters according to them 
• 完整的了解勞動協定,管理員工并按員工意愿排班。

• Ensure the kitchen is maintained to high hygiene standard at all times and safe food handling practices are followed
• 隨時保證廚房衛生達到最高的標準,并遵守安全食品處理條例。

• Ensure all MAF and HACCP guidelines are achieved and maintained.  Check monitoring procedures daily
• 確保遵守MAF和HACCP指導方針。每日檢查監控程序。

• Ensure all equipment is properly maintained and stored, with all breakage’s and breakdowns being properly reported and recorded
• 確保正確的保養和存儲所有設備,正確報告和記錄所有破損和故障設備。

• Be fully conversant with the hotel’s fire, security and emergency procedures
• 準確記錄事故,確保所有隱患均得到檢查,以減少未來事故的發生。

• Accurately maintain accident records, in turn ensuring all hazardous situations are reviewed to minimize the rise of future incidents
• 準確記錄事故,確保所有隱患均得到檢查,以減少未來事故的發生。

• To perform any other duties so directed by the General Manager that affect the operation and profitability of the kitchen and department
• 執行其它由總經理分派的任務,以促進廚房和部門的運作和利潤。

• Works with Executive Chef in manpower planning and management needs
• 和行政總廚一起進行人力規劃和管理需求。

• Works with Executive Chef in the preparation and management of the Department’s budget
• 和行政總廚一起編制和管理部門預算。

• Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company.
• 完全代表酒店,品牌和公司與顧客,員工和第三方交往的能力。

• Alcohol awareness certification and/or food service permit or valid health/food handler card as required by local government agency.
• 持有當地政府規定的含酒精飲品知識課程證書或食品服務許可證或有效的健康或食品上崗證。

• Problem solving, reasoning, motivating, organizational and training abilities.
• 具有解決問題,推理,號召,組織和培訓能力

• Diploma or Vocational Certificate in Culinary Skills or related field.
• 餐飲技能或相關專業的大專學歷或職業證書。

• 10 years experience as a chef including at least 2 years in supervisory capacity or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
• 10年廚師工作經歷,包括2年的管理經驗,或與此相當的教育和相關工作經驗結合的背景









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天津濱海圣光皇冠假日酒店是天津圣光投資集團興建并由業內領先的洲際酒店管理集團管理的豪華五星級酒店,是天津空港經濟區的地標性建筑。酒店與自貿區自然生態園融為一體,碧藍安靜的湖水、蒼綠蔥郁的湖畔公園、清新舒暢的空氣,宛如置身于喧鬧都市的悠然國度。酒店周圍便利的交通使酒店成為商務、會議和休閑的首選。 酒店擁有388間舒適華麗的客房,面積從42-250平方米不等,每間都是設計師的精品之作,風格現代且又各具特色,使您在觀賞美景的同時,感受那份觸手可及的心曠神怡。 酒店的網球館別具特色,是天津國際五星級酒店中唯一一家大型室內網球館。豐盛的西式、亞式、中式、日式美食可供選擇,客人足不出戶,即可感受世界各地的饕餮盛宴。

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